Monday, 7 September 2015

start of maternity leave to do list

from the 2011 archives (shared in this post) // Kodak Portra 160, Canon EOS 500N

- frame some of Sara's drawings plus the Apple Papple poster for baby boy's room
- visit IKEA to buy a book shelf for one of the rooms in the basement suite
- make baby boy's bed
- assemble and make baby boy's cradle for the living room
- clean living room windows
- get a bigger pot and replant the new big green indoor plant
- make a new batch of taco seasoning
- pack the hospital bag
- buy newborn diapers
- put my feet up and read a book - as often as possible


  1. Good plans! I bought newborn diapers today (so small) and packed my hospital bag – I packed so much less than the first time! Week 35 here... I'm really looking forward to holding my babies in my arms :)

  2. Hope you find someone nice from family or friends, who clean the windows for you! My Mother-in-Law has done it for me in my maternity leave (at the moment i am waiting for the child to come)...
    I wish you a good and nice time, lots of good books (and some ice cream!)

  3. I'm wondering if you could share how you organise and store photos of Sara? I'm expecting my first baby in November and am anxious that the inevitable large number of photos we take don't get forgotten about on our phones or memory cards. I would like to put them into albums, but not sure whether to do this monthly, seasonly, in blurb books or slot in albums. Just curious about how you have done it!

  4. I bet you're feeling excited but apprehensive right now, it seems like you've got everything covered though!



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