Tuesday, 29 September 2015

life, week 39

Such a cute touch with the baby bouquet attached to the big mamma bouquet. 

The birch leaves have just started to turn yellow. The temperature is still good; had to take my jacket off whilst out walking with the pram.

Plum, kiwi, mango/apple juice, bread rolls with shrimp/mayonnaise/egg salad, liver paté and cucumber, plus salami, brie and red bell pepper. It was a good lunch indeed.

Night time nursing view

I spend a lot of time in this corner of the sofa these days. (Part of a photo an hour - on the day Sverre turned one week)

Look, mamma! I wrote my name!
You still have to work a bit on the S, darling Sara. It is very cute though. So is the R.

homemade broccoli soup - a great way to make Sara eat greens that are green (part of dinners lately)

a wet walk to the grocery store today #astridspramwalkdiaries

This. Melts my heart.

Stroganoff dinner with father-in-law and brother-in-law. My view from the sofa whilst nursing.

the first // of many

tired, but oh so happy

You can never go wrong with flowers and lovely light, right?

Still practicing the nap while the baby naps thing. I'm getting better at it.

A peaceful break with the youngest of her five grandchildren. The rest of the weekend she and the grandfather were in charge of the other four. It was a peaceful weekend for Sølve and me, not so much for the brave grandparents.

Got caught in the rain on my way to the post office. Found shelter and signs of autumn under a tree. #astridspramwalkdiaries

I will never tire of this.

Whilst Sara was at her grandparents for the weekend, Sølve bought a moon shaped night lamp for her. It gives her room a lovely warm hue. No reason to fear the darkness underneath the desk anymore. (Seeing her empty bed at night made me miss her so much!)

They got to decorate their own muffin. Sara chose green frosting, but gave the whole thing to me after one tiny bite. She's not a cake person; she prefers ice cream. I don't mind, I like cake.

Sverre's first birthday party and he did not at all mind the 15 (or so) kids doing their thing. Also, best part of following Sara to birthday parties: seeing other people's super cool houses.

A rare moment of pappa son time. So far Sverre is a mamma's boy; he loves to nurse. In fact, he is searching for a boob in this photo.

- - -

Week 39: September 21-27


  1. This post, Astrid! It's amazing. And the photo of Sara with Sverre is best. He already looks so big in her arms. I cannot wait until my twins are born – on October 1st I have to go to the hospital for medical induction of labor ...

  2. Oh, sweet daily life captured in such a great way.

  3. Så fine bilder av noe som ser ut som et veldig fint familieliv.

  4. oh yeah - she is such a lovely big sister
    wonderful pictures of your everydaylife
    thanks for sharing
    lg birgit

  5. Gratulerer med babyen. Du har så mange bilder eg likar :)



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