Monday, 21 September 2015

life, week 38 - the most life changing week of 2015

In-between contractions, on our way to the maternity ward, Sølve pulls out his phone and says "let's take an elevator selfie". So we did, and I'm glad we did because 1) this is the last belly shot (week 39) and 2) just one hour after this photo was taken, Sverre was born.    

The first thing I noticed when entering the room where I gave birth was the view. 

A one day old miracle, my son Sverre Johan. Yes, it is quite all right to use big words about the wonder of a newborn human being.

Barselhotellet (hospital) breakfast for the win!

All the love

After two nights we slowly started to get ready to go home (impatiently waiting for Sølve to finish his errands that he for some reason was rather secretive about).

Who doesn't love coming home to a beautiful bouquet on their door step?

And then this in the mail box - from the lovely knitting queen Ingvild. Tusen takk igjen!

Pappa and son doing things they are very good at; sleeping and reading the paper - on the new sofa. I mentioned yesterday that it would be nice to have a more comfortable spot for nursing in the living room. Maybe we should just get that IKEA sofa instead of saving up for something more fancy. (Yet it is sad to see the 60s sofa go. I love the shape of it, but it is not very comfortable.) It was a nice surprise to see that he already fixed it. So this was the secretive errand. Also: so good to be home!

The most challenging part so far of being a new mother again: the sleepless nights.

Soaking in every second of this.

She lined up all the rabbits, gave them three marbles each and tucked them in. As you do.

A moment of idyll in-between all the "be careful" orders. I'm trying my best not to say it every time she touches him. Trying my best not to be overprotective and rather include her as much as possible.

Sleeping in after keeping his mamma awake all night. Lucky guy!

I'm not normally a napper, so I'm working hard on the whole "sleep while the baby sleeps" thing. Some days it is not hard work at all.

She is really into beading these days and she loves when her pappa helps making dinosaurs and stuff.

First little stroll in the neighbourhood; to the grocery store to get the softest toilet paper. Those of you who have given birth, know the importance of this... (Sorry! Was that too much information?)

And then all three of them went out to jump on the trampoline. 

Sunday lunch with guests who were eager to meet little mr Sverre.

Yes, he is definitely a keeper. Also: Wow! Clean windows are the best!

One of many. Lucky me!

- - -

Week 38: September 14-20


  1. fineste og mest rørende bloggposten på lenge. og den selfien er utrolig søt! gratulerer alle fire!

  2. congratulations to you all! he's just lovely, astrid. here's to a bounty of sleep! claire xx

  3. Hahaha - det om dopapiret! Såååå sant og såååå viktig!

  4. wow, du skriver så bra, og alle innleggene dine er så fine! dette var ekstra fint. gratulerer <3<3

  5. Sverre Johan er så fin! Herlig speilbilde – for en tapper kvinne du er! <3

  6. A big, warm welcome to Sverre and congratulations for Mama, Papa and big sister Sarah! (And - unfortunately - no advices concerning the "be careful"-thing.... we deal with the same situation...)

    Edna from Germany

  7. Such great photos of amazing days. I wish your little family of four all the best.

  8. Again, congratulations! <3

    Oh, and the toilet paper... Ha ha! Had to laugh out loud about that one. I had totally forgotten that little detail myself, but YES, so important!

    And you all look so happy and content! :-) And your little newborn SO adorable...!

  9. Så rørende bilder. Gratulerer!

  10. So many congratulations! Long-time reader here, in New England (Massachusetts). I totally understand the need for soft toilet paper :) (I have three kids). Amazing the things you forget though--I had forgotten all about that!

  11. Today, I went to the grocery to buy soft toilet paper – everything prepared?! I'm not sure ;) Thank you for remembering me!

  12. I love all the pictures, Astrid! It is so fun to see how you and your family are doing. Lovely!

  13. Congratulations to the three of you and welcome to the world Mr. Sverre!!!
    "Un abbraccio collettivo!!" ...from Italy :-)

  14. What a week!!!
    And awesome beading work, Sara!

  15. Stort grattis! Tack för att du delar den mysigaste och mest underbara händelsen med oss alla!
    Hälsningar från Bromma, Stockholm



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