Sunday, 20 September 2015

life, week 37

Lindex has lots of beautiful baby clothing. Cute and gender neutral patterns and colors. Couldn't resist this one.

Soaking in these gorgeous early autumn evenings.

Lots of tulips, daffodils and crocus, plus a few scilla, anemones and alliums are going to make our garden lush and lovely come spring.

I love seeing them work together like this.

Tuesday 7 pm // thankful for this gorgeous start to autumn

What a difference a year makes! (Thanks for the capture and print, K!)

I love the color of these gladiolus my friend T gifted me.

picking up pappa Sølve at the office // mamma Astrid shows off her car drawing skills - only on demand from toddler Sara

after bath time flower time

A touch of autumn by our front door. 

Another beautiful bouquet from another sweet friend.

Baby boy made us believe today (Thursday) is his birthday. Apparently it was false alarm. We took the hint and put the final touches on his nursery and I packed the hospital bag.

The purple carrots made the stew a light shade of purple. I prefer the color of the uncooked purple carrot.

Good morning sunshine! (No sign of labour this Friday morning. Puh!)

Plum tree TLC time 

Friday taco before...

...and after.

I love this photo that Sølve took of our big biking baby. 

Coffee in bed, they are both still sleeping and all is well. (Yes, that is the hospital bag. Very fitting next to that red poster, me thinks.)

So thankful for a husband who loves gardening - and for Sara who loves to help. Getting ready for spring with a tulip bed in the making. Also, summer in September rocks!

Late week 38 baby planet - wondering if baby boy is ready to meet us soon (Sara was born late week 38).

post cinema (Karsten og Petra på safari) Sunday dinner

- - -

Week 37: September 7-13

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  1. Du tar så fine og stemningsfulle bilder, Astrid :)



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