Tuesday, 8 September 2015

life, week 36

almost 37 weeks

Putting my feet up as often as possible. Also, still sunny and summery enough to have summer coloured nails.

People who bring flowers are always welcome in my house. (Welcome back, colleague T!)

An early September evening sky that made me look up from my book and go outside to take another sunset photograph. Because it is always worth it. Not necessary to take that photo, but to pause and enjoy.

September 1st and the first day of autumn. I ignore the rain and wear sandals. Because when your are 37 weeks pregnant you need easy slip-on footwear.

new in - just in time for more rain // just a tiny bit better than wearing sandals in the rain // my love for Birkenstocks continues - swollen feet, not so much

last day

A fast and beautiful delivery from the lovely Fjeldborg (who unfortunately is closing her shop).

Evening sunlight on table top clutter and the beautiful orchid gifted to me by my students.

Friday 7:15 am // first day of maternity leave // I'm turning more and more into an early bird

Sunset supper and her new favorite book.

Not at all ready to go home; too busy drawing roads all around kindergarten.

 And then she got busy drawing on the whiteboard in pappa's office.

Saturday morning with Doc McStuffins and Jussi Adler-Olsen.

OMG! Homemade After Eight!

Saturday playdate location - always the best!

Sunday 8:30 am // baby boy's room gets the morning sun

 Sunday candy store visit

And then we went shopping for a big green indoor plant.

Just like that she is biking - thanks to lots of practice on the balance bike. We are SO proud! And also a bit shocked that she learnt it in just a few afternoon hours.

Autumn arrived on Sunday. It was a beautiful warm and sunny Sunday - accompanied by that special fresh, crisp autumn air. The light has changed and the shadows are longer. In the evening we drew the curtains and lit candles.

- - -

Week 36: August 31 - September 6

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  1. Oh, what a lovely collection of pictures and captures. *love*



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