Thursday, 3 September 2015

DIY: corner daybed

Here is a follow up on the post I did yesterday on the first daybed we built, for our Bergen apartment. That one was a straight line design, while this one is a corner design. 

The materials are the same as for the first daybed: two by twos, four by fours and "hobbyplate".

The challenge with this daybed was to make a good looking yet functional corner. I know nothing about the technical side of how this was built, but I know Sølve is proud and happy with the result.

The daybed fits two mattresses that are 2 meter * 90 cm. Just like the daybed in our Bergen apartment, this one doubles as guest bed for two people.

We used the same IKEA UTRUSTA hinges for the fronts. This time we oiled the whole thing instead of painting it. We used floor oil from Trestjerner in the color skyggegrå.

I got a good and relevant question on the daybed post yesterday: Do the mattresses slide off? No, they don't. As you can see in the photo above, the two by four in front makes sure the mattress stays put.

Result: a cozy place for watching films (we don't have a tv on the main floor, only here in the basement living room), work (pictured above), play, read, nap, etc.

- - -

PS: our Stavanger home renovation // our Stavanger home


  1. Åh, inspirert!
    Vi får nå stor kjeller men full takhøyde og store vinduer, det må jo bli kjellerstue/gjesteavdeling etterhvert :)

  2. The corner is genius. Thanks, Solve.

  3. åh halo, sykt koselig og fint! <3



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