Wednesday, 23 September 2015

a photo an hour

A photo an hour (or so) on Tuesday September 22, 2015 - and baby Sverre is one week old

8 am: Sølve brings Sara to kindergarten these days since Sverre's sleep pattern is so unpredictable. So whilst little brother still sleeps, I wake up Sara and get her ready for the day. She is excited for the photographer who is coming to kindergarten today and insists on wearing the new Hello Kitty sweater for the photos. (I tried to convince her to wear something different with no luck. Should have bribed her with ice cream.)

10 am: After a rather rough night with lots of nursing and little sleep, I'm super happy that Sverre decided to sleep in. He woke up minutes ago - and so did I. He demanded breakfast at once and I had no other choice than to oblige.

11 am: Finally breakfast time for mamma too.

Noon: Getting ready for outdoor lamps shopping. It turned out he didn't care less (surprise!) and slept through the whole thing.

1 pm: Lunch time

2 pm: Helsesøster / nurse (or is it called public health nurse?) home visit. Lots of information on having a baby (most of it was info we got when Sara was a baby) and weighing of Sverre - he is gaining weight like he should, so all is well.

3 pm: Coffee and pastry time...

3 pm: ...with a side of sleeping baby. Yes, I spend a lot of time in this corner of the sofa. So glad we bought it!

4 pm: Doing a lot of this these days - and I love it! So, so thankful that I'm able to nurse and that it is going so well.

5 pm: She is really into beading these days - both at home and in kindergarten. I wonder what we should do with all the finished bead works... My task is to sort the different colors. It's kind of zen.

6 pm: Dinner time. A new winner; an adapted version of this + an adapted version of this teriyaki sauce.

7 pm: Sølve and Sara are out biking/running while I'm home feeding the little one (again). Currently reading "Marco-effekten" by Jussi Adler-Olsen.

7:30 pm: A celebratory pappa daughter selfie - she did so well!

8 pm: Bed time reading

9 pm: Supper: sukkerkavring, kulturmelk (soured milk) and sugar

10 pm: My view from the sofa whilst in the middle of the evening nursing marathon.

11 pm: Sverre is finally done nursing and I can finally go to bed (with a massive headache).
(Luckily it was a good night, so I got enough sleep and woke up with no headache.)


  1. This will be a great little present for your little boy to see how you spend the first days/weeks with him. 😍
    Hope you can get all the sleep needed whenever you have some time and a comfy spot to lay down.

  2. great idea to take all these fotos
    i wish we did this thirty years ago
    thank you so much for sharing these precious moments with us
    mentioning your headache i thougt about if you know your vitamin D3 and B12 level?
    maybe substitution of these vitamins could help you
    all my best wishes
    lg birgit

  3. Congrats on your sweet baby! And so wonderful the nursing is going well! I enjoy your blog so much :)



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