Friday, 28 August 2015

things I like lately

Agfa Precisa 100, Canon EOS 500N

- I shot a wedding: linda + patrick
- I'm curious about this book which it seems like everyone is reading these days (I'm kind of a neat freak, so the book should be right up my alley)
- I like the concept of this new tv show called Mobilfotografene (the cell phone photographers) - haven't seen any of the episodes yet though
- still a good while until I need to worry about this, but it's a nice reminder: feeding your baby solids
- my first time using a disposable camera
- live with less: kitchenware
- after a week or so of really great - and hot - summer weather, it was really nice to feel a drop in temperature, especially during night - it makes me sleep so much better
- getting book recommendations from book loving colleagues (a post on this is coming soon)
- we are planning to get a credenza kind of furniture for our living room and we are thinking of using IKEA kitchen cabinets. Excited to check out these great front options: Reform (via Elisabeth Heier) and Superfront
- pregnancy style: Kate Harmer of Hum Creative
- a day in the life: Mikkel Karstad
- the Aura sofa series from Bolia
- Ramble & Wolf
- the news about my friend Ingvild's pregnancy
- kjære storbarnsforeldre (boken kommer i høst) (via Facebook)
- plans of having homemade pizza for dinner tonight
- just one week left at work before my maternity leave starts

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- zero energy - I blame pregnancy (currently in week 36)
- after having my last film developed, I feel a bit ambivalent about the whole film shooting thing - a fact I feel very sad for (planning a post on this soon)
- still not feeling comfortable about the haircut I got a few weeks ago (i-landsproblem, jeg vet!)


  1. Det er så fint med lister som dette <3

  2. I've been feeling ambivalent about shooting film as well... will be interested to hear what your thoughts are.



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