Wednesday, 5 August 2015

summer at the mountain cabin, 2015 version

We are very happy to be so much closer to the mountain cabin now that we live in Stavanger compared to when we lived in Bergen (a 1,5 hour drive instead of a 6,5 hours drive). Unfortunately we haven't had the chance to benefit from it yet due to a certain house renovation. And now with baby boy coming soon, I honestly don't think the mountain cabin will be our first choice of weekend hang-out. So, a weekend at the cabin has been high priority on our summer agenda. 

We have hiked quite a bit with Sara before - with good help of the trusty carrier (we have this one which we are very happy with). This time we decided to skip it. Because of my rather big belly (week 32), I only carried a tiny backpack, so Sølve had to carry the rest of our stuff. Hence no free back for a carrier and Sara. The hike to the cabin - on poor paths in uneven terrain - is about 45 minutes for adults. Needless to say, we were quite excited to see how Sara would do. It turns out we had nothing to worry about. Our girl has become a clever little hiker - happy as a clam to be outdoors, just like her parents. We did have to bribe her with chocolate from time to time though, plus stories of moose and fox and other wild animals. 

By the way, the rain on Saturday was epic. And of course we made a campfire and grilled hotdogs, as you do when you're an ex-scout.


  1. Astrid, these photos are so beautiful. It's such a beautiful part of this world. And I'm happy to see how fit you still are! My belly is huge, too... you know, week 30 with twins (and they'll come at least 2 weeks earlier... maybe in the same week as your baby!) ... I couldn't imagine taking hiking trips right now. Okay, but we have 34 degrees and more these days here in Vienna...

  2. Ser virkelig herlig ut! Hytteliv er fantastisk, og ikke minst å være ute på tur i naturen! Godt for både små og store :)

  3. I love your blog and photos for quite some time now. Great hiking post and boy you look radiant!



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