Monday, 24 August 2015

life, week 34

So thankful for the fact that she is playing so well by herself right now because this pregnant lady (currently in week 35 of my pregnancy) is exhausted today.

Tuesday 6:30 am

"office" view // until my maternity leave starts in three weeks, my days are filled with substitute teaching and guiding the new teacher who is taking over my class + taking breaks whenever I can

it's a beautiful day // don't let it go away

lifesaver // fan club member no 1

current view from the shade under the plum tree // a bucket of cold water for my swollen feet and a page turner crime novel for my overheated brains

I will name this The Week of Al Fresco Dinners

Things I like lately: red currants...

...and blue gooseberries from the garden. Plus Sara and my mother-in-law for picking them.

She loves having her grandparents over for dinner.

nasturtium in sunset

A brutal start to the morning with a massive nosebleed requires endless hugs, cartoons and smoothie (plus mamma being late for work).

Even the most ordinary everyday clutter looks a little bit better in good light.

she is beyond words excited about this // it will not make our garden prettier, but it will add a whole new dimension of fun

Friday 6:45 am // she woke up at 6 am and ran straight to the window to check if they had finished assembling the trampoline

sunny summer Sunday breakfast

sunny summer Sunday second breakfast // al fresco, with a canned souvenir from last year's Mallorca vacation - my favorite canned tuna

What a day! // Water sprinkler under the trampoline was an instant hit.

Five adults, six kids, lots of sun, plenty of food and ice cream galore. It was a pretty good Sunday, if you ask me.

Such a hot day! We were all happy to have dinner in the shade under the plum tree. Also, soaking in every bit of this proper summer feeling (although the heat is a bit too much for this pregnant lady); they say the coming week will be rainy.

My best crumble to date: strawberry, raspberry and red currant. Served with Mövenpick vanilla ice cream, of course. (I'm picky when it comes to ice cream; I choose quality before quantity.)

- - -

Week 34: August 17-23

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  1. A crumble, sunshine, a trampoline, friends visiting and spending time together, and icecream? This sounds like the perfect summer week!



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