Tuesday, 11 August 2015

life, week 32

Sølve is back at work, Sara is in kindergarten and I still have a week left of my summer vacation - so my parents (who are also still on vacation) took me out for lunch.

First day back in kindergarten after the summer vacation was a success. So was the snack - pieces of crispbread used to spoon up liver paté - on our way home.

Working hard on that summer body. Ha! #sommerkroppen2015

I love the dappled light made by the plum tree on the terrace in the evenings.

A simple yet delicious grilled al fresco dinner.

So thankful for afternoons like this.

Also thankful for the big, old plum tree in our garden.

I'm slowly getting to know my new city. Some streets and alleys almost have Bergen charm.

The end crust of a fresh loaf of bread is my favorite. Sometimes I eat them both at once.

Slowly working on turning the messy room into baby boy's nursery.

Had a haircut. Thinking it's too short for me. Also watching Blacklist (current Netflix crush) in the middle of the afternoon. Because I can. (But I have to pick up Sara from kindergarten soon.)

The nasturtium really, really likes this flower bed.

She has packed teddy and his green duvet and they are both ready for another weekend in the mountains. (Photos here)

I'm a little reluctant to let her use a knife, but she has to start at some point, right? She loves helping out.

We all love having dinner outside, especially Sara. She asks for it every time the sun shines. (Stavanger is a rather rainy city, so it doesn't happen too often.)

August 9: Celebrating seven years of marriage to this guy. The best husband and father there is.

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Week 32: August 3-9


  1. åh, de innleggene her er så fine. og du tar så koselige bilder! :)

  2. Sara looks so adorable in her chef's hat and apron! It's great that she loves to help out, and you let her.

  3. Fine lyse bilder. Sommer altså. Og jeg synes at du, til tross for ditt misfornøyde fjes:), var fin på håret. Man må venne seg til.



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