Sunday, 9 August 2015

life, week 31

Two lovely days of family time in Trøndelag. She was happy to see her great grandmother again and she made a furry friend that she developed a love hate relationship to.

The view of Snøhetta brings back childhood memories.

Voss bound // evig og tro til Dovre faller

THE BEST cinnamon bun I have ever had! From Bakeriet in Lom. The best provision for the drive across majestic Sognefjellet.

Sognefjellet for the win!

Eidfjord seen from the passenger seat. Vestlandet altså!

Ca. Gudvangen. I never tire of the landscape in the western part of Norway. 

Hei again Voss

She fell asleep way too late and woke up way too early. I suspect she is too excited to be with her cousins again to sleep. Until they wake up, we watch The Aristocats in bed and talk about wether or not animals can talk.

Picking red currants for what they call red currants soup (red currants crushed with sugar and water - preferably served with vanilla ice cream).

Oh Bergen! First visit since our move a year ago. So good to see you again yet so emotional.

Waiting for pappa to get his T Michael suit fitted is quite exhausting.

The bacon monster strikes again. Lunch at our Bergen favorite Smakverket before driving home to Stavanger.

Big smiles to keep up the spirit for the last km of our summer vacation roadtrip (we drove a total of 2200 km).

home sweet home

A hard day of parenting is finally coming to an end. Wish I could have a huge glass of wine right now.

but first coffee

playdate with waffles for the win // I think we need to get a waffle iron

I want to use the pretty colors, mamma.

mountain cabin bound

We sure do love to be outdoors! By the way, this pregnant lady (week 32) hiked at the speed of snail. The 3,5 years old toddler was (at times) quicker than the big bellied mamma. // More photos from our mountain cabin weekend here.  

Stopped by our friends' cabin on the way home for some campfire grilled hotdogs and a quick catch up. Love the cabin's location right by the lake.

A near perfect mustard yellow color match, I'd say.

- - -

Week 31: July 27 - August 2

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