Tuesday, 4 August 2015

life, week 30

Borgund stavkyrkje // a little detour enroute to Hvaler

We have passed several stave churches on our road trips around Norway, but this was the first time we stopped to have a closer look, partly inspired by an article in a recent D2. Such fascinating and beautiful structures!

This place! (Our friend N's mother's cabin at Kirkøy, Hvaler.)

And here is the morning view

We all got seriously hooked on this mango juice! Hopefully we'll find it in a store in Stavanger too (our friends bought it in Sweden).

Brushing teeth on the teeth brushing rock.

So happy to play with the boogie board, but the temperature made sure they didn't play for long. I didn't go in at all. Pregnant wimp.

We sure love summer vacation!

Look mamma, I made an octopus pine cone!

So happy to see them play so well together.

This is what happens whilst the parents wait for the kids to fall asleep so they can start cooking the adult dinner.

Sunsets never...

...never get old. Right?

After an hour of trying to make the tired toddler dress herself, this 11 am first cup of coffee is very much needed.

I wish I knew the name of all of them.

Brushing my teeth under this sky. The best kind of summer bed time ritual.

Summer cabin kitchen 

Another morning of drinking my morning coffee under a blue sky with this view - such a luxury! 

Lunch and dinner are grilled. Every day. 

Such idyll! // PS: Hvaler on film in 2009 and 2012

Eager little helper

The parrot on pappa pirate's arm is finally ready for bed. Or is she? Summer bed time is quite unpredictable.

Trøndelag bound // Så. Mye. Skog. I. Østerdalen.

- - -

Week 30: July 20-26


  1. Besøkte Kaupanger stavkirke for ikke så lenge siden selv, fascinerende byggverk! Var også innom Urnes, - synes det er morsomt hvordan de er så majestetiske på utsiden, men relativt små inni.. Absolutt verdt besøket, da :)

  2. I so enjoy reading your blog! So real and cozy :)

  3. What a lovely vacation your family had! I very much enjoyed reading it.



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