Monday, 3 August 2015

life, week 29

already 30 weeks

Water play is always a winner. Even when she insists it's winter and wears a wool hat and scarf.

When your grandfather comes visiting on his motorcycle, you finally get a chance to play astronaut.

Current favorite pastime: coloring. She prefers to not to do it alone though.

I try to not get too attached to things yet some things are harder to say good bye to than others. This bowl used to belong to my late grandmother, my namesake.

We still have a sunset view, but it is nothing compared to what we used to have. I do cherish it though.

The house painting is officially done and we are finally off for our little summer vacation roadtrip.

First stop of the roadtrip: our family holiday home at Voss, Åsly

Norwegian strawberries = the essence of summer. I always make sure to eat tons of them.

Norwegian summer, part I // So good to be here again. It has been a whole year since the last time.

Norwegian summer, part II // there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing // family hike to Moastølen

She does not mind the bad weather at all, she just loves being outdoors. Such a happy camper!

This one also loves being outdoors, but wishes her pregnant body was better equipped for the bad weather. Yet the long rain coat and lack of rain pants served her rather well. 

family hike in Oppheimsdalen - with bikes for the little ones

Again with the rain! It has been much more inviting the last couple of times we were there. 

A family of ex-scouts will make a campfire for hotdogs and coffee in all weather conditions. Because a campfire makes any hike complete.

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Week 29: July 13-19

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