Monday, 10 August 2015

Haukeliseter hiking

This past weekend my parents took me and my little family on our (almost) annual mountain trip. This year my parents choose Haukeliseter fjellstue as our location. The cabin/lodge/hotel is owned by The Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT) - as are all the cabins we stay at for our (meant to be) annual trips. My parents are experienced hikers and they have great knowledge of DNT's cabins and routes. They always make great choices for our trips. This year they had in mind the need for easy routes for their pregnant daughter and 3,5 years old granddaughter. Sara was a true trooper and walked 7,5 km - a record for her! She also loved her new hiking partner, Turbo (DNT's kids'  mascot, the blue stuffed fox) plus playing in the snow.

Speaking of snow. It's fascinating how this time of year in the mountains truly is a mix of all seasons. Snow and near sub-zero temperatures during night, wild flowers and summer warmth during daytime, pussy willow and plants just coming to life where the snow has just gone, plus rain, fog and other autumn like symptoms. Oh the joys of nature!

We have previously been to Mogen (photos here, here, here and here), Hardangervidda and Hardangervidda again. Here are some photos from our previous (winter) visit to Haukeliseter. 


  1. wow, very beautiful! I'm envious of your little getaway

  2. For et landskap! Helt fantastisk. Håper dere hadde en fin tur!



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