Wednesday, 8 July 2015

life, week 27

My cousin and his family brought a lovely orchid as a housewarming gift. Sara didn't care about the flower, of course, but she had a blast playing with her second cousins. 

I have slowly started the process of turning the messy room into baby boy's room. And I promise to never have a whole room dedicated to mess ever again. 

I finally made my first ever crumble, with Norwegian strawberries and rhubarb from the garden. Served with Mövenpick vanilla ice cream and a week 28 belly photobomb. (I used an adapted version of this recipe.)

10 pm sunlight on the living room curtains.

I thought I had set the alarm for one hour. Apparently not. Woke up after two hours, tired and confused. Growing a human can be quite exhausting. 

Homemade burgers on the grill and coleslaw dinner on the terrace - just before the rain started and the diligent house painters had to take a break. 

It finally feels like real summer! 20c already at 9 am and I'm wearing shorts for the first time this season. 

Our bedrooms are too hot, so we are all sleeping in the basement living room tonight. 

So, so thankful for all the house painting help we get from our parents. 

July 1, 1130 pm, 19c and a full moon. Pure summer night bliss!

So good to see this cabin view again. First sea swim of the season also happened today. Summer feels good.

 All meals are feasts with these guys.

Our crew of four kids (plus little brother in my belly) and four grown ups enjoyed hanging our at Mandal's best playground. We did not expect the sudden heat though.

Taco night for the win! Also, grilled fresh corn on the cob. Yummy yum!

Not pictured: morning sun peeking out from the clouds, mosquito bites and the last pages of The Girl on the Train.

Accidental selfie on a happy summer Sunday

A dirt road lined with wildflowers brings us to the sea.

The memories of this day will give much needed warmth during cold winter months. Sara was super excited to be in a boat for the first time.

Yes, we do enjoy summer vacation very much.

Fascinated by the beautiful flowers growing in-between the rocks. Also, week 28 belly.

I can't find a good English word for svaberg other than rock. It is indeed rock, but the word svaberg implies so much more - the smell of salty sea, a refreshing swim and the feeling of saltwater dried by the sun on tanned skin. Do you know what I mean?

A beach on an island only accessible by boat. A pirat, his treasure and eager little treasure hunters. Collection seashells, rocks and driftwood sticks. Only the bravest dared to swim. 

- - - 

Week 27: June 29 - July 5

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