Monday, 8 June 2015

what's for dinner, week 24

An August dinner memory from our old apartment in Bergen // Kodak Portra 160, Canon EOS 500N

So, after about a year of hardly no dinner planning, I want to slowly get back to it - especially for weekdays. Here is an attempt of a plan for this week's dinners, mostly based on what's in our fridge, freezer and cabinets:

Monday: First course: Fish & Crisp with leftover homemade coleslaw (cabbage, carrot, green apple, celery and dressing made of sour cream, creme fraiche, mayonnaise, lemon juice, salt and pepper - I love fresh coriander in the slaw, but we didn't have any). Second course: an omelette made with leftovers from the weekend; sausage, bacon and baked potato

Tuesday: couscous salad with grilled sirloin of pork (grilled on Sunday when Sølve grilled the Sunday dinner - yay for planning ahead!) and vegetables from the fridge (tomato, red onion, green bell pepper and romano lettuce)

Wednesday: baked salmon with seafood and fish spice mix and apple avocado salad

Thursday: stir fry with steak (not quite sure which cut; it's from the freezer), cabbage, carrot, plus possibly some other vegetables that I will buy during the week, and a spicy soya sauce dressing from the Trines mat cookbook

Friday: Sølve is eating out with his colleagues, so I plan to have frozen pizza - luckily the homemade kind

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PS: my pantry essentials | thoughts on dinner planning and grocery shopping

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What are you planning to have for dinner this week?


  1. Yay! Does Sara eat your same food? My own Lucia has become more and more picky lately... always craving unhealthy things like hotdogs and fries and pudding... at least se is turning into a meat lover so a steak is always a winner!

  2. I'm waiting for the produce box to come tomorrow and then I will decide, but your plan is very, very inspiring. Thanks for sharing!



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