Friday, 12 June 2015

things I like lately

Åsly, summer 2014 // Kodak Portra 160, Canon EOS 500N

this and this new to me blogs
- this home (love the plywood furniture)
- Taza's guide to urban living
- the old orchid in our bathroom is blooming yet again
- reading Astrid Lindgren's Lotta books for Sara
- the first white clovers of the season
- using Kahoot in classes - students love it
- first outdoor dinner of the season (finally)
- the fact that there is just seven work days left until school is out and my summer vacation starts
- eating an ice cream under the plum tree in our garden in the evening sun
- Ingvild has beautiful new layout on her website and blogg
- we have been eating well this week thanks to this week's dinner plan
- Sara's name suggestions for her little brother
- finishing yet another pile of midterms - just one pile left

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- lots of work - including evening work - when I'm super tired
- the fact that I still haven't worn sandals yet this season

- - -

Answers to questions in the comment section:

AlittaM asked on this post: Does Sara eat your same food?

No, there is a lot of what we eat that she doesn't eat, that she doesn't even want to try. She is quite picky at times. I make sure there is at least one thing she likes for dinner, even if it's just pasta or rice. If she doesn't eat very much for dinner, she'll eat again for supper.

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  1. Oi, tusen takk for link! ^^ Liker disse listene dine veldig godt! God helg :)



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