Saturday, 6 June 2015

things I like lately

It has been a while since I made pavlova. Should remedy that soon. Filled to the brim with fresh berries, it really is the most perfect summer cake. // Kodak Portra 160, Canon EOS 500N

- FINALLY having film developed - apparently I haven't had film developed since last summer, which is a long time for me
- backing up photos on a second unit (I have all my photos backed up on two separate units - just in case...)
- unintentionally taking a whole Saturday off when I had planned to grade a bunch of midterms - it was the best kind of procrastination, the kind that left me with positive energy and no bad conscience
- deciding to stay in instead of going to a restaurant for our 17th anniversary celebration - Sølve made the best grilled hamburgers!
- this post on not having a coffee table (we don't have one)
- finishing grading the pile of nynorsk midterms - it has been a long time coming
- spotting the first buttercups and cow parsley of the season - a true sign that summer is coming (if we could only get the summer weather too)
- the sound of the bubbles in my carbonated water
- a beautiful blue hydrangea given to us as a house warming gift from our new neighbours
- a couple of new dresses plus maternity tights (no bare legs weather yet!) for my growing belly
- napping
- seeing how super excited Sara was with her new swimsuit
- and then seeing her excitement over getting her nails painted the same pink as me
- an oat roll with sliced banana
- a set of hand-me-down garden furniture from my parents
- tidying a week's worth of clutter all around the house - feels so good to have a tidy house again (but don't get me started on the state of Sara's room...)
- the white lilies I bought last Saturday have just started to bloom - gotta love cut flowers that last long
- Sons of Anarchy on Netflix
- Mariell's summer to do list - I want to make one too!

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- that lever ending pile of student midterms that need to be graded
- being very, very super tired - it really can ruin a whole day
- stormy weather that looks like autumn
- trying to cut down on sugar, but failing miserably
- throwing away food that as gone bad due to a full fridge and bad meal planning

- - -

Answers to questions in the comment section

Ana asked on this post: Do you eat your eggs runny? What's the rule in Norway?

Norwegian eggs are considered safe, so you can eat them raw if you like. I prefer mine semi runny. 

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  1. Disse listene dine er så fine ! :) stor fan av Sons of Anarchy !



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