Sunday, 14 June 2015

Sunday happenings

Current state of our living room

- my mother-in-law is sewing curtains for the big living room window - lucky us!
- Sølve and Sara are cleaning the exterior of our house - we bought paint for it yesterday; granite grey (granitt fra Butinox) - I hope it's a good choice
- I'm trying to grade 8th grade English midterms - really struggling with my focus!
- just had a delicious berliner with vanilla custard from the local bakery
- drinking my second cup of coffee
- making plans for all the things I will do around the house when my summer vacation starts
- making a mental note to remember to make a dinner plan for the upcoming week
- listening to Sara singing and talking to her pappa outside
- learning the difference between lay and lie, and how to conjugate the two - tricky!
- planning to have a slice of the fresh fyrstekake (kind of an almond cake) after I'm done grading three more papers

1 comment:

  1. If you succeed with "lay" and "lie" you will have much to teach most native speakers of English. Most of us just give up!



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