Monday, 29 June 2015

life, week 26

Can someone please send me the wand that will make all this magically disappear? Thank you.

She was bummed that we didn't have our usual egg and bacon brunch on Sunday, so breakfast for dinner on Monday was in order.

June 23, 8 am // finally sandal weather plus last day of work

School's out and my 7 weeks summer holiday has just started!

So happy to have my sister and little mr S here!

The painting is on!

Practicing her big sister skills.

First rhubarb harvest from our garden.

I'll most likely make Molly's roasted rhubarb like I always do, because it is so good. But maybe I should try a rhubarb strawberry crumble instead too?

Happy to have these beauties in our garden.

Pregnant woman watching husband paint house

I have become one of those early birds who prefer to get the grocery shopping done when the shops open in the morning. It's me and all the grey haired retired people.

Perfectly cooked for my taste.

Dilemma: It's dinner time and she is playing so well by herself. Should I interrupt her play and make her sit by the table and have dinner (I know it will cause and argument and loud voices) or should I simply let her play on and have dinner for supper? I chose the latter.

My mum bought me roses to celebrate the start of my summer holiday.

I hereby declare the Norwegian berries season for open!

Morning swim in the local outdoor pool. Overcast and refreshing, but the kids loved it. Of course. Thankful for my friend T for inviting us.

Sara and grandpa have been out stealing and their trophies are displayed on my legs. As you do when you are a baby thief.

A little break from the painting - just before the rain came.

- - -

Week 26: June 22-28

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