Monday, 15 June 2015

life, week 24

Monday afternoon happenings: me wearing sunglasses on top of my regular glasses, Sara pretending to smile, and the season's first al fresco dinner. Not pictured: a massive craving for sweets.

6 pm basement livingroom sunlight

Week 24 (or is it 25?) + Sara with her "scary" eyes

9 pm basement livingroom sunlight

TV dinner for the win: grilled sirloin of pork in a spicy ginger garlic sauce, peaches and couscous

rhododendron galore on a rainy day

What happened to your sandwich, Sara?
I poked it.

A sweet little gift from a student who finished her maths midterm. Just the kind of encouragement I need to keep my spirits up whilst watching the rest of the midterm writing students.

The clouds look like a jigsaw puzzle, mamma!

Attack by the scary seal/whale/leopard! (Another photo of her face paint here.)

Just finished grading the pile of 8th grade Norwegian midterms. Enjoying a celebratory ice cream in the 8:30 pm sun under the plum tree.

The weather is gorgeous, but I'm too tired to do anything else than lie on the sofa. Hubby is working late, and not yet toddler bed time. Bath time to the rescue! This pregnant full-time working mamma is really looking forward to the summer vacation. Just seven work days left until school is out!

The end of bath time

They are having a sleep over, mamma.

Home bound. Bare feet.
It tickles, mamma!

The last working weekend in a long, long while - only 20 more 8th grade midterms left to grade.

but first coffee

We have finally started decorating the walls.

Curtains! Also, so bright at 10:30 pm!

- - -

Week 24: June 8-14


  1. Åh, disse innleggene er herlige! Så masse fint!!

  2. Looks like a lovely week! Lots of great lighting there too. Sara's sandwich comment was veryyy cute

  3. Ingenting slår følelsen av å få den etterlengtede sommerferien, minst like stas som da vi var små, sju uker føles bare så vanvittig lenge (akkurat nå som jeg har hatt mammaperm og skal begynne å jobbe etter ferien igjen føles det vanvittig kort, men sånn til vanlig...). Elsker disse innleggene forøvrig, deilig å ha tid om kvelden til å lese litt blogger igjen!

  4. Hihi, Sara er søt! Og disse innleggene er utrolig fine!



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