Saturday, 13 June 2015

life, week 23

"There is no room for baby here, mamma. This is my window. You have to build a new window for him."

June 2nd: 7 C, pouring rain, stormy winds. Have anyone seen summer?

I wish I was more patient and less grumpy when bedtime takes forever. 

sommer kommer

In bed before 9: 30 pm. Total bliss!

How to get through a whole day of watching 8th graders work on their maths midterm: get sweets delivered from the best colleague M plus seeing the light in the dark tunnel that is Norwegian sidemål midterm grading.

low ambitions Friday tacos

First cup at 3 pm. What was I thinking?!


Living room status Saturday June 6, 9 pm

No repeat of yesterday - first cup at 0750 am

We love our weekend brunch rituals. She always asks for egg and bacon.

weekend working - soon coming to an end // my home office

- - -

Week 23: June 1-7

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