Wednesday, 3 June 2015

life, week 22

Sunday ritual on a Monday // long weekend bliss

She looks so big here. I wonder what see was thinking.

I instantly saw a good look down moment.

So glad we live close to the sea.

7:30 am // Today will be a good day, right?

substitute teaching maths // fare for vranglære

Because blue skies and blooming trees always win.

9th grade cake baking test leftovers // festen er ikke over det er kake igjen

proud husband

Sad to see it go, but it was the best solution. It has already been replaced by two new Japanese maple trees - one red and one yellow.

She "saves" the horse, I have to save her. Repeat.

Love it!

A very rare moment of hanging out in the city centre whilst waiting for film to be developed.

same but different // fascinated by the different shades of yellow

For some weird, unknown reason, I suddenly got a craving for instant noodles. Mr Lee ftw!

He always makes more than enough. Homemade burgers for the freezer then!

Best decision: staying in for our 17th anniversary as a couple + Sara sleeping over at her grandparents'

Glad I bought this huge vase at IKEA, otherwise I could not have these gorgeous delphiniums accompanying the blues of Sara's painting.

Her seat under the plum tree.

Sølve's current garden project: plant a new perennials bed, including the two new Japanese maple trees

Saturday 9:30 pm

Sunday lunch // part of every bite

23 weeks

- - -

Week 22: May 25-31


  1. Livet ser ganske så bra ut!

  2. Du tar så utrolig fine bilder! Likte spesielt de fra fjæra. Havet og fjæra er kos!

  3. Do you eat your eggs runny? What's the rule in Norway?



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