Thursday, 11 June 2015

June 11, 2006-2015 // 8 years of blogging!

2006: a mountain cornflower (knoppurt på norsk) min our Bergen garden

2007: Title and caption written on Flickr: The things he enjoys. Read books and drink beer - in the sun. Hmmm. I wonder why he is touching his nose... // Also: the day I started this blog. Here is the first post, if you are interested.

2008: Title and caption written on Flickr: onsdag 11. juni | 163/366 | I did my accounts today. I almost died. We had taco while watching tv. My hands got cold while biking. Where did the warmth go?

2009: Caption written on Flickr: I'm working on a text thingy that is a bit hard to get right, so I thought I'd just stop by and say hei. Hei! How are you? What are you doing?

2010: My aunts and cousins were visiting Bergen and they stayed at Hotel Norge. This was the view from their room.

2011: our Bergen garden

2012: Sara, 32 weeks old

2013: garden playtime with Sara

2014: First: substitute teaching / hiking in a thunderstorm with 60 screaming 8 year olds. Then: a flat car tire. And then: day 2/27 of #Astridsdailyworkout (a short run with the view above), Kinfolk magazine in the mailbox and a job offer in Stavanger.

2015: Picked up this self-proclaimed seal/whale/leopard in kindergarten this afternoon. Apparently it is very scary.

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  1. Hei Astrid :) Lenge siden sist jeg har kommentert, men jeg følger godt med, både her og på Instagram :)

    Måtte smile litt av dagen din i 2014. Tenkt at så mye rart kan skje på én og samme dag - store kontraster - og vips så bor du i Stavanger. Det ser flott ut, ikke minst ser du flott ut. Gratulerer med en kommende gutt :)




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