Monday, 1 June 2015

every bite

After reading this I got inspired to document every bite of food I ate yesterday, Sunday May 31 - just for fun. I have done it once before - and here is the background information.

Breakfast in bed: mango yoghurt with granola plus coffee with milk

A glass of carbonated water with lemon.

Sunseed bread from Godt Brød with 1) mayonnaise, ham, cheese, cucumber and salt 2) raspberry jam, plus a bottle of carbonated water (drunk throughout the day).

Big lunch (by Sølve) made with various leftovers from Friday (tacos) and Saturday (homemade burgers) dinners plus diced watermelon for dessert. Eaten in the sun on the terrace.

Sunday dinner at my parents' (plus to pick up Sara who was there for a sleepover): homemade moose meatballs in gravy, boiled potatoes and broccoli.

Dessert: rice pudding and red sauce (my favorite!)

Mint tea

Supper: Sunseed bread from Godt Brød with 1) mayonnaise, cheese and red bell pepper, and 2) honey and cheese.

And then, whilst watching Modern Family on Netflix right before bedtime, I had a huge serving of rice pudding. Smart move, silly.

Finally: vitamins, fish oil capsules and a few sips of water.

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