Friday, 8 May 2015

things I like lately

Such a cliché spring photo, but this one is special to me because this cherry blossom tree is in my own garden.

- the fact that I have a healthy baby boy growing in belly
- finishing my studies!
- apple and mango juice
- rugsprø crispbread with Philadelphia creme cheese and thinly sliced radish
- this print (via 3191 Miles Apart newsletter - which I love and highly recommend!)
- thumbs up for this
- this bowl and this jug (I have a thing for terracotta)
- a new to me lovely blog: Me and Orla
- I love these kind of posts
- I love the redesign of A Cup of Jo
- our lawn is slowly turning green (it was seeded a couple of weeks ago)
- Sherlock on Netflix
- japp chocolate
- a surprise package in the mail from my dear friend Hanne in Bergen
- a bunch of the season's first rhubarb from a colleague (the rhubarb in our garden is still tiny)
- the stack of IKEA boxes in the basement living room has magically disappeared and there are suddenly cabinets on the wall in my little home office nook (my husband Sølve is my hero!)

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- shopping for curtains - I find it SO hard to decide what will look good


  1. Hater gardiner. Ok, det var kanskje litt overdrevent sagt, men å kjøpe, sy opp og henge opp gardiner er noe av det verste jeg vet. Når de henger på gardinstanga er de greie, da. Haha. ;)

    Elsker disse listene dine! Synes det er så koselig å lese. Og gratulerer med fullført studie! God helg!

  2. Yay for the healthy boy! :) I am so happy for you

    And yes - I totally despise curtains too. That's why in my house we decided to go curtains-free. Now we have more free space and less dust in the house. Have you considered this option? :)

  3. That picture is so rich with blues and pinks! Very pretty



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