Saturday, 16 May 2015

things I like lately

From the 2013 archives when Sara was 1,5 year and we celebrated the constitution day at Voss. Here is another photo from that day. This year I need to find something else to wear - my baby belly is too big so the bunad doesn't fit. 

- a long weekend
- weekend breakfasts with egg and bacon
- eating ice cream in the sun on the terrace
- this post by Natalie
- 12 unforgettable wedding moments
- the bunad Ingvild made for her daughter Iben
- learning the name of this ^ hat/roof (circumflex)
- birdsong
- Snøfrisk kantarell (a soft goats cheese with chanterelles)
- this post by Anaruh/Listebloggen
- celebrating the constitution day tomorrow (May 17)

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Things I don't like lately

- a long weekend of grading heaps of student papers and mid-terms

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Answers to questions in the comment section

Irene asked on this post: Which iPad-stand do you use for Sara?

- It is called a "smart cover". 

Kmgfoto asked on this post: It's maybe too soon to ask, but do you favor a name already?

- Now that we know it will a boy, we have slowly started thinking of alternatives. 

AlittaM commented/asked on this post: And yes - I totally despise curtains too. That's why in my house we decided to go curtains-free. Now we have more free space and less dust in the house. Have you considered this option?

- I don't feel like it is an option in our house. We have huge living room windows that face the neighbours. I don't want to live on display. In our Bergen apartment this was not a problem, so we had few windows with curtains. 

Mammatiltogutter spurte på dette innlegget: Driver du og etterutdanner seg eller skal du bli lærer?

- Jeg har allerede master i medievitenskap fra Universitetet i Bergen og etterutdanner meg for å få pedagogisk kompetanse for å undervise. Har tatt PPU (praktisk pedagogisk utdannelse) deltid over to år ved Høgskolen Stord/Haugesund. Hadde siste eksamen for litt over én uke siden, så nå er jeg ferdig utdannet lektor. 


  1. Thank you, Astrid, I'll try to find one of these!

  2. I have to have curtains too, even though I'd like to have windows curtain-free. But we live in a very sunny place and also, we live up against an open space where people hike. They would be able to see inside the house and we don't want that!



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