Friday, 1 May 2015

things I like lately

week 19 // I have a feeling my belly will be huge

- snacking on diced watermelon at work all week
- the contrasts of April: frost in the morning and the smell of freshly mowed lawns in the afternoon
- being totally engrossed in reading (Kepler's The Sand Man and Stalker) all week
- spending very little time in front of the computer because of said reading
- Saturday dinner with close friends who spent the night in our guest department (aka the basement living room with the en suite bathroom)
- said house guests made Eggs Benedict for Sunday breakfast
- a beautiful bouquet of pink roses from said friends
- Sara has discovered the fun of using a snorkelling mask during her evening bath time
- Sara talks to the baby in my belly every day
- when Sara wants to show the baby something, she asks me to pull by shirt up to reveal my belly so the baby can see - so sweet!
- the news about our friend's pregnancy - her due date is just one week after mine
- this and this dress

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- I have two rolls of film ready to be developed, but it is taking me forever to get it done
- having absolutely no energy in the afternoon after work, which means too much Netflix for Sara (she is currently hooked on Vennebyen and Quack og Zack) (Sølve has been working late all week; he has been home after Sara's bedtime)


  1. Aww, så utrolig søtt at Sara snakker til babyen og vil vise den ting! ^^ Høres forresten utrolig fint med tid til lesing. Her går det for det meste i pensumbøker for tiden, gleder meg til sommeren!

  2. Beautiful belly ! Happy for you ! :-)

  3. Wow! Astrid, my belly is already huge, too! And it's only week 17. I'm curious how much space these two babys will need. And: I totally understand that you are exhausted in the evenings and it's absolutely okay, Sara will surely relate to that :)

  4. Ååååå, fineste Astrid, så nydelig baby mage. Du ser fantastisk ut, håper formen er bra. Stor, stor klem fra Trondheim!



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