Thursday, 7 May 2015

May 7, 2005-2015

2005: My oldest - and then only (now they are three sisters) - niece joined the family for a bit of spring cleaning in the garden at Voss.

2006: Caption written on Flickr: Sunday evening energy: ciabatta (from the grocery store) with cheese, fried egg and sausage. My craving for gourmet food (link to a photo of a plate of instant mashed potato and sausage) continues... ;-) I came across a very interesting project note today, which is very relevant to my thesis. It's even in English. So, if you're interested in food, you should read it. Cooking - As Identity Works Click "last ned i fulltekst" to download the whole text. 8 days to the final deadline... (for finishing my master thesis)

2007: Title and caption written on Flickr (it was the days of the numerous magazine swaps): this is how a very wet and cold spring day gets shiny and happy: finding magazines in the mail box // thank you so much for the lovely Landhaus, miss mckenzie. and the envelope is so cute!

2008: We went straight to Voss after Greece. We brought feta. There were four parents, two soon to be married, wedding planning, gardening and great food/wine.

2009: Seen on the streets of Parma, Italy.

2010: Caption written on Flickr: Friday dinner: grilled filet of wolffish and rose fish with garlic and parsley butter + boiled potatoes and spinach with olive oil and balsamic vinegar // blog update: the dinner project, week 18

2011: Stacks in our home office. I used to LOVE magazine. Not so much anymore.

2012: A playdate with Sara (to the left) and D. Their due dates were only one day apart. D was born on Sara's due date; Sara was born two weeks early.

2013: Slowly getting better after this and this.

2014: She cried big, big tears when I left her in kindergarten. It breaks my heart. But I know she loves being there, playing with the other kids. She'll be fine.

2015: DONE! Two years of part time pedagogics studies are over. Wish I could celebrate with plenty of champagne (because I really deserve it!), but it will have to wait until our baby boy makes his appearance at the end of September.


  1. Veldig artig med slike tilbakeblikk. Liker veldig godt å komme innom bloggen din og lese slike innlegg. Vel overstått med PPU også! Har stått midt i det selv noen år tilbake, og jeg vet hvor tøft det kan være, og jeg var verken gravid eller pusset opp, men tok det på fulltid med to barn og pendlet. Vi renoverte første året jeg jobbet etter PPU, og DET var ganske tøft husker jeg..

  2. Eeeh, boy! Super news!

    Congratulation about the studies, mama hero.

  3. congratulations! both for finishing your studies and for the baby boy! great news, astrid- lots to celebrate, indeed. :-)

  4. congratulations for the end of your studies
    i hope you have now a little bit of time of recovery
    and thank you for the links - i love to follow
    i need to declutter so much
    all my best wishes
    lg birgit



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