Thursday, 28 May 2015

life, week 21

It was a Danish before dinner kind of Monday. 

the grading continues // prøver å nytte tiden mens jeg er tentamensvakt for 8. trinn norsk hovedmål #lærerhverdag

homemade panna cotta with raspberry sauce weekend leftovers ftw

To have a mother-in-law who volunteers to sew all those curtains for you.

To listen to your toddler daughter play in the tub while you get to rest on the sofa.

9 pm basement living room light hunting

living on the edge // yellow is not my favorite color

She insisted on no rain cover on the bike trailer. She did not seem to mind the rain at all.

Finally reunited with her best friends from Bergen.

horse riding debut - she was surprisingly brave

Beautifully colored hens at the totally awesome Some gård.

so thankful for friends who are such excellent home cooks // gresshoppesvermen gjenforenes 

- - - 

Week 21: May 18-24 


  1. Så masse fint! Tenk at det skulle et australsk magasin til for at jeg skulle oppdage den fine bloggen din da. Gøy!

  2. My mum had the exact same sewing machine! Lovely photos and post as always.
    P.s I loved your article in Frankie Magazine :)



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