Wednesday, 20 May 2015

life, week 20

Because flowers and good light are always a good match. 

A gorgeous day off and I'm stuck inside with heaps of student papers to grade before Monday. Glad to see the lawn is greening though. (Yes, we need to paint our house. It's on our summer agenda.)

6 pm grading break on the terrace

10 pm // it has been a good, productive day 

Grading 10th grade English midterms is intense work! I thought I would be pretty much done by now, but I'm only halfway through the pile. Bleh!

My Saturday morning home office companion is completely hooked on Zack & Quack on Netflix these days.

Constitution day practice (my poor ears!)

Saturday brunch - with roses that have lasted three weeks!

She loves helping her pappa with all kinds of work around the house. This time; planting a bunch of lavender.

Nurseries are his candy store. He is a grown up, so he can buy all the candy he wants.

The last few days I have graded a total of 23 8th grade Norwegian papers, 19 10th grade English midterms and 19 other 10th grade English papers. (Unfortunately there are still heaps of midterms left to grade in the coming weeks.) It was more intense work than I imagined, so I'm pretty proud of myself for finishing the job. Having a modest celebration with my 21 weeks belly, the sofa and chocolate.

A moment of silent me time before the Constitution day whirlwind starts.

I know it seems like I work all the time. It is true. I do work all the time. Being a fresh teacher in a full time position is a lot of work. A lot more work than I expected. When you combine it with part time studies, it means you have pretty close to zero spare time.

I am glad this extraordinarily busy year is coming to an end soon. It has been fun, intense and at times way too much. I hope my work life will be a little less busy when I go back to work after my maternity leave (which starts in September). I don't mind being a bit busy, but not that busy.

Keeping it simple for our Constitution day dining table decoration. Flowers from the garden and flag napkins (bought by him - would not have been my choice) from the grocery store.

Gratulerer med dagen! // Giving my bunad the day off on the 2015 edition of the Norwegian Constitution Day. Also, 21 weeks. 

Dinner guest with bunad, a grilled entrecote with Greek salad and the flag napkin - that is cuter than I like to admit.

- - - 

Week 20: May 11-17 

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  1. Sara`s attendance at your home office is so adorable!



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