Thursday, 14 May 2015

life, week 19

exam preparations // my father-in-law is quoted in the book about work ethics

I washed my new black jeans with a white cloth, and it seems like the jeans have a bit of excess color. But why did the cloth turn blue, not black?

Taking care of these nasturtium babies while my in-laws are away.

Our lawn is slooowly greening.

last day of exam preparations // thankful for these two days off work to focus only on my final exam

DONE! Two years of part time pedagogics studies are over. Wish I could celebrate with plenty of champagne, but it will have to wait until our baby boy makes his appearance at the end of September.

home bound

A surprise package in the mail from my dear friend Hanne. Plus week 20 with stripes.

Our plum tree is blooming!

So is the cherry blossom tree.

He bought a new grill today, and he does not at all mind the rain and the four degrees celcius.

9 am Sunday bliss

wardrobe reflections // cherry blossom view from our bedroom window

Even though my studies are over, I'm not done with weekend work. Today I'm accompanied by new shelves whilst grading history papers about the American revolution.

Sunday dinner with my parents. A grilled dinner, of course. He sure is happy about his new grill.

media vs. economics plus a bit of toddler traces

- - -

Week 19: May 4-10

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  1. congratulations astrid! that's soooo awesome!
    (I will finish my studies exactly one year from now - I can't wait!)



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