Monday, 4 May 2015

life, week 18

Pasta always wins.

Leftover chocolate mousse from Saturday's dinner party wins too.

Just finished my third Kepler novel in two weeks. Time for something else. Still crime though.

19 weeks // I do like the afternoon light in our bathroom

My only exercise these days: the walk to and from kindergarten to pick up Sara (ca 2,5 km). I could absolutely need a lot more; my shape is minus zero these days.

May 1, 8:15 am // milk, pacifiers and Netflix in bed

All lined up and ready for breakfast, thanks to my eager breakfast assistant.

one week and still going strong

Of course she wanted to help pappa change the car tires!

8 am Saturday bliss

Nynorsk - not my strongest suit. Luckily there are wordlists! (My favorite)

Dinner for one on a Saturday night. Sølve and Sara are having fun at our friends' cabin whilst I grade student papers and prepare for my own exam on Thursday.

9 pm // I love discovering the light in our new home

A Sunday afternoon nap to get me through a couple more hours of exam preparation.

I got a sudden urge to bake. Thanks Ina for the brilliant recipe!

- - -

Week 18: April 27 - May 3


  1. Hei!

    Apropos krim, så anbefaler jeg forfatteren Robert Galbraith på det sterkeste :)

  2. Du har så fine bilder :) fin baby mage også :) Driver du og etter utdanner seg eller skal du bli lærer?



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