Saturday, 2 May 2015

life, week 17

Spending my Monday at home with my sick toddler. She seems to be happy with the free iPad access.

Still a little poorly, but much better than yesterday. Notice her toothbrushing outfit: one mitten and a cap with a beanie underneath.

Some classes are harder than others. I have so much to learn.

fleeting morning shadows

While I have been busy writing my own papers, my students' papers have piled up. Time for some serious grading!

I always overeat on rice pudding. I love it so!

ratatouille to be

House guests that make Eggs Benedict on Sunday morning, are very welcome guests in my house.

Sunday morning

grading student papers // weekend work - what else is new?

- - -

Week 17: April 20-26


  1. Mine are piling up as well... I domt even wanna think about the word "grading"...! Ugh.
    Beautiful pics as always!

  2. I noticed that you added some photos above your working table ;)
    Oh, and which iPad-stand do you use for Sara?



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