Sunday, 12 April 2015

things I like lately

Easter 2015 // learning new skills

- finally being back at the mountain cabin (we haven't been here since Easter last year)
- seeing how much Sara loves being at the cabin - she has talked about the cabin for months
- napping in the sun
- getting a teeny tiny tan
- the bright blue sky in contrast to the white snow
- seeing how well Sara masters skiing already
- seeing how much Sara enjoyed building a snow cave with her grandfather
- shooting film at the mountain cabin (note to self: get the two films developed!)
- Anaruh's list of 100 things to do before September 1st
- Williamsburg Loft Tour
- news from Fine Little Day, especially this and this
- this print (via Tiril)
- meeting my fellow students again, although it was a bit sad too as it was the last gathering before our oral exams
- our last supper at Brygga 11
- homemade coleslaw (made with cabbage, carrot, green apple, celery and a dressing of creme fraiche, mayonnaise, salt and pepper)
- our first ever family bike ride
- a haircut - just a little bit shorter
- a relaxing Swedish Easter break with the family
the first dandelion, daisies and coltsfoot
- Saturday night dinner at our friends' place
- dressing up and wearing makeup for said dinner
- seeing how excited Sara was to go on a sleepover at her grandparents' place
- would love a wall like this somewhere in my house
- this sofa
- middle class problems
- a weekend with hardly any work or studies - SO looking forward to this being the new standard once I have finished my studies
- a couple of new to me Tumblrs: Birdasaurus and Pazzionpit
- a dimmer switch in the bathroom - perfect for early mornings when me eyes are extra sensible to light
- finally having a curtain rod in our bedroom (with bedsheets as makeshift curtain)

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- getting a cold during Easter
- coughing that keeps me awake at night
- nosebleeds
- the spare bedroom in house house that is still a complete chaos of moving boxes and mess in general - really looking forward to getting it sorted out

- - -

Answers to questions in the comment section:

Ine asked if I develop film myself.
- No. Would be nice to try once though. In Bergen I got my film developed by Antonio Stasi; I need to find a new developer now that I live in Stavanger. Thinking of testing Aker Foto.

Selina commented on this post: Å! i have been wondering where berthas oldebarn had gone to!
- Unfortunately Berthas is out of business since spring last year. 

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  1. Aker foto i Oslo har jeg i allefall bare gode ting å si om! Stor stas har det vært å lære fra dem.



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