Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Paris // the yellow film, part III

A year ago Sølve and I were in Paris with a couple of our dearest friends. Needless to say, it was as perfect as Paris in spring can be. The only thing I was not at all happy about, was the slide film that  got ruined during development. I got the impression it was so ruined that it was discarded of, but then suddenly it reappeared! As you can see from the yellow color tone, it has indeed been ruined in the development process, but all the motifs and memories are still there. So, here you are; Paris in yellow, part III of III (here are parts I and II).

- - -

Paris on iPhone // Paris on film (that is not yellow) // things I like lately - Paris edition

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  1. These photos are beautiful! My favourites are the 2nd, 4th and the last. They have a strange beauty about them.



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