Monday, 20 April 2015

life, week 16 - in which I share exciting news

After the Easter vacation my belly suddenly got noticeably bigger. 

early birds // ready for a day of lectures 

home bound // she loves the bike trailer

I'm glad to have come to this stage of the pregnancy; no longer a need to hide the bump. It is official: Sara is becoming a big sister at the end of September.

Helping her pappa with the final preparations before the law seeding.

Wednesday 7 am

sun stripe snack

the joy of a perfectly ripe avocado // guacamole to be

An evening walk before the rain, and then ice cream and Rita on Netflix.

spring intrudes and I don't mind

home bound // so happy we live close enough to Sara's kindergarten so she can go by balance bike

Friday 7 am

so blue #nofilter

Oslo bound

date night at Villa Paradiso

I can not remember the last time I slept until 0930 am. And then hotel breakfast. Such luxury!

our Saturday in Oslo

Champagne reception at the top of Grand hotel. Cool yet freezing.

all dressed up and big smiles

baby's first wedding // 17 weeks pregnant in my mum's cocktail dress from the 70s

a rare treat: cortado at a café

such lovely wooden tables at Kaffebrenneriet

spring has sprung // more in Oslo than Stavanger

magnolia galore

lykken = happiness

I love watching earth from an airplane window

Pretty excited about her travel gift from mamma and pappa: pink light up sneakers with glitter - I never thought we would buy something like that!

- - -

Week 16: April 13-19


  1. FOR en bra nyhet!
    og så STOR magen din er allerede!

  2. Wonderful news! Congrats to your whole family! You look stunning, by the way :)

  3. Gratulerer så masse! gleder meg til å følge babybump'en :)

  4. congratulations, astrid! such an exciting announcement! <3

  5. Dette var en så hyggelig nyhet! Du ser strålende vakker ut med babymagen!

  6. 😍 Such great news! You really rock: rebuilding your home, moving into the home, entering a new profession and as the icing on the cake being pregnant. There is always room for a new surprise in your life. Take care of yourself! 😘

  7. Gratulerer! Og tusen takk for en veldig fin blogg.


  8. Congratulations Astrid! You look fab!

  9. Oh, Astrid! This is such exciting and good, good news! I'm pregnant, too, week 15. And it seems as my little boy is becoming big brother to twins. I wish you all the best and I hope that we'll keep in touch somehow here – at least on your blog :)

    1. aw, congratulations to you both! that's such sweet news, i was so happy to see this post! :-)

  10. Congrats!!! Your belly is bigger than mine but my date is before yours :o)
    Take care!

  11. Gratulerer så masse :) Fin du er :)

  12. Many congratulations Astrid, what wonderful news! I am now all the more impressed that you managed to do your studies/papers, work, renovate the house, move, be a wife/mum AND blog all this while! You look great, all the for the rest of your pregnancy :)

  13. Congrats!
    (and great haircut/hairstyle!)

  14. Gratulerer SÅ masse, Astrid!

  15. Åååh, gratulerer! Så koselig!
    Alle bildene dine er forresten såå fine.

  16. yay, how wonderful! congratulations! all the best and take care of yourself!

  17. Congratulations!!!! Very happy for you guys!

  18. Hei Astrid,
    congratulations to you and your family! Wonderful news, I hope you feel well and had not to bother with pregnancy sickness on top of all the things you have managed over the last few months!

  19. Congratulation! Lovely news and you look fantastic :)

  20. congratulations!!! All the best do you :)) A.l

  21. congratulations and all my best wishes from kassel in the middle of germany :)))
    lg birgit

  22. These are wonderful news! I wish you all the best, first and foremost health for you and your baby! I'm pretty sure Solve and Sara are stoked about it, too!
    It's maybe too soon to ask, but do you favor a name already?
    Many greetings from austria

  23. Ah, such a great news!
    Congratulations, Astrid. I am so glad for the comming event in september.
    You look gorgeous in your mum's cocktail dress.

  24. Congratulations! Big hug to you and your (growing) lovely family! 😊

  25. Congratulations, Astrid, I regularly read your blog and wish you all the best! Greetings form Poland - Anna



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