Monday, 13 April 2015

Easter at the mountain cabin, 2015 version

After a few days at home working on my paper whilst Sølve worked in the garden, we finally headed to the mountain cabin for our traditional mountain cabin Easter vacation. We had not been there since Easter last year, so it was really, really nice to be back. And with such enormous amounts of snow! We have actually never seen it like this. It was quite a job to dig out the cabin door... Sara loved being back also - this time not only in the pulk but on her own skis too. We are so proud of her!

PS: my kind of cabin life // a lot more photos from the mountain cabin // things I like lately - Easter edition


  1. Wow - mye snø! Ser ut som dere har hatt en herlig hyttetur; håper påska deres har vært super! :) Og håper dere får en fin hverdag igjen fremover :)

  2. Great pictures! What a lovely little getaway! Look at all the snow there, amazing

  3. Det ser så fantastisk ut! Minner meg om min barndoms påske i fjellet med rød anorakk og lunsj ute i snøen. Så herlig at Sara får oppleve det :D

  4. Great pictures! When I saw Sarah having so much fun I thought "all that exercise... and lots of open air... she must have slept so soundly afterwards!" I always noticed that mountain air seems to relax children, while for example sea air tends to wind them up. Is it the same for you?



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