Wednesday, 1 April 2015

April 1, 2006-2015

2006: A weekend visit from Bergen to Stavanger to hang out with our friends. It was a lovely spring day, so we went for a very slow walk in Godalen.

2007: Easter vacation and al fresco breakfast at the mountain cabin.

2008: Title and caption written on Flickr: tirsdag 1. april // 92/366 // i bought a new 50 mm lens. hurra! the other one fell to the floor and broke. the trees near the theatre has started blooming. i finished the article about norwegian design. i have a deliciously intense barolo in my glass, and now we are going to watch the wire. didn't get around to doing it last night.

2009: I babysat our friends' baby boy.

2010: Easter vacation at the mountain cabin. Hama loves the wood stove!

2011: The Artist Diner mini magazine came from the printer. Also, the day I found out I was pregnant  with Sara - which meant I could not drink bubbly on the Artist Diner launch party.

2012: Easter vacation and Sara's pulk debut. Blogged.

2013: One of my photos was published in Frankie magazine.

2014: mamma and toddler selfie (last spring in our Bergen apartment)

2015: 9 am gymnastics in our Stavanger house

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  1. Awesome collection!
    All these pictures give a glimpse at the past. Trying to take daily pictures is like journaling or writing a diary and a great way to look back.

  2. Herlig innlegg, kjekt å se slike tilbakeblikk over så lang tid :)

  3. Så fine tilbakeblikk :)
    Artig, det var påske når vi oppdaget at Iben var underveis også ;)



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