Friday, 27 March 2015

things I like lately

the mountain cabin // Kodak Ektar 100, Olympus mju

- house guests during the weekend - so, so good to see our dear friends from Bergen again!
- homemade smoothies
- egg and bacon for lazy weekend breakfasts (baconet fra Idsøe er superdigg!)
- generous housewarming gifts from our friends
- this cookbook looks beautiful
- I finally dug out my film camera and started shooting again
- I finally made white beans, tomato and feta salad again
- this lovely home
- this post by Ine
- this post by Marielle
- this post by Ingvild - which reminds me that I have gotten some nice questions via comments lately and I do plan to answer them - hopefully soon!
- napping
- my colleague Camila's illustrations
- finishing a paper
- a lot of much needed help with Sara from my mother-in-law whilst Sølve was at Svalbard and I had to write the paper
Ingeborg's photos from Svalbard
- colleagues in chicken costumes
- colleagues who bring these goodies to work
- watching Braveheart with my 10th grade English students - although I had forgotten how intense it is...
- Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix
- days ahead at the mountain cabin (but first I need to write another paper...)
- a week of Easter vacation coming up!

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- it was so, so, so hard to focus on writing the paper that was due today - working full-time and studying part time is getting harder and harder
- the smell of chicken manure fertilizer - even though I'm sure our garden is happy about it
- having little patience and loosing my temper with Sara (because I'm too tired because of too much going on)
- being too exhausted to go outside and enjoy the gorgeous afternoon sunshine
- a massive headache


  1. Mye fine ting her - spesielt enig i at Koffeine-Ine sin tekst var utrolig bra! Håper påsken og noen dager fri hjelper deg å finne balansen igjen, sånn det ikke blir fullt så tungt og vanskelig å takle hverdagen som både student og lærer! God påske og lykke til :)

  2. I love your Friday tradition - it always remembers me about the way I have to look at the life. It has its tides, but that doesn`t change the truth: the life is, so beautiful. And happiness is everywhere around me. :)

    I am on the same way with my son - little patience and loosing my temper. I hope I will manage to change this these days...

  3. So good you will have a few days off soon so you can get all this paper-writing out of your head… Enjoy your vacation!



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