Saturday, 21 March 2015

things I like lately

The simple, big vase from IKEA is perfect for the forsythia branches.

- Famapa's new portfolio website - love her blog too! (fun fact: we got aquatinted via Flickr and met in London in 2010)
- Charlott Pettersen's blog
- Brooklyn apartment tour
- lots of help from my mother-in-law this week whilst I worked late (parent-teacher conferences)
- my mother-in-law brought forsythia branches from their garden - they are so bright and yellow
- my mother brought pots of mini daffodils
- Wednesday afternoon dinner at my parents' place - Atlantic halibut with boiled potatoes, carrots and Sandefjordsmør (a sauce made of cream, butter and parsley) - yum!
- Wednesday afternoon playtime with my nephew (four months old)
- sodd leftovers from my nephews baptism (a traditional meat and vegetables soup from the Trøndelag area)
- cake leftovers (also from my nephew's baptism) all week
- eating ice cream in the sun on the terrace - Sara's request
- Rugsprø Original with Norvegia fyldig cheese - for ever and ever!
- red nails
- dear friends from Bergen are visiting this weekend - including Hama
- a reason to use the vintage champagne glasses from Paris
- a new dark blue linen blouse
- the feeling when the lumbago let go
- finding a roll of film (scanned, on my Mac) from Paris that I have not yet shared with you (coming soon) - which reminds me; I really should dig out my film camera again - have hardly touched it since we moved from Bergen
- Greek yoghurt with Crüsli solfrokost and honey

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- another working weekend - new paper due Friday
- a week of lumbago
- the pile of IKEA cabinets that needs to be assembled


  1. Åh, restekaker! Husker vi hadde kakedessert hele uka etter bryllupet :)

  2. I'm in love with your vintage glasses. They used to have style back then.



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