Friday, 6 March 2015

things I like lately

- having our first dinner guests in the new house
- for said dinner Sølve made a delicious reindeer sirloin with potato gratin and a heavenly sauce (Sølve is really good at making sauces; they are quite complicated, so I can never really tell what is in them)
- I made tomato soup and Sara was so happy about it
- slowly getting more and more organised in the house
- red nails (it has been a while)
- panna cotta with raspberry sauce (made by the 9th grade cooking class - I love these kind of leftovers that we teachers get)
- grilled ham and cheese sandwiches for late dinner after a long workday - eaten whilst watching (so far only half of) this movie (I think I like it)
- Joanna/A Cup of Jo's Brooklyn home
- an afternoon bike ride to the grocery store with Sara (well, Sara on the balance bike, me by foot)
- crocus seen in random gardens
- a surprise delivery of tulips from my dear friend J in Bergen (photo above)
- plantsitting a beautiful hydrangea and a hellebore (I think) whilst my in-law's are in South Africa
- looking forward to Ingvild's dinner project - we really need to start planning our dinners again too
- Friday afternoon with popcorn, cartoons and Sara on the daybed in the basement living room - both tired from a long, busy week
- the weekend has started

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- feeling stressed about my workload
- the lack of curtains - we are very much on display...


  1. Desse fredagsinnlegga gjer meg alltid glad :)

  2. A cup of Jo's hjem var helt fantastisk kult, enig med deg der! Og vårblomster i alle retninger er det beste tegnet på våren (sammen med vårsol, vårluft og grønt gress)! :)



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