Wednesday, 4 March 2015

life, week 9

Monday 4:20 pm - the beginning of our new everyday life routines in our new house

so, so, so hard to focus // paper due Friday

When we came home from kindergarten, she went straight to her room to draw.

The sky is awake, mamma! // How come she wakes up early during the weekend when we can sleep in and I have to wake her up during weekdays?

the Sunday tradition is back

Now that our grocery store is no longer in our nearest neighbourhood, we need a well stocked pantry. Good thing he is good at buying in bulk.

- - -

Week 9: February 23 - March 1


  1. Så bra at huset kommer i orden! :)

  2. Mutti tomato passata is THE BEST! You did great using it - we use it in Italy and I can honestly say its taste is awesome!

    How big is Sarah's room? Lucia has a a kind of small room and I start to find it difficult to keep all the toys in place. BTW they look so much alike :)

  3. Yay for your new home!
    And a big yay! that you're slowly settling in your new home. How cute is Sara at her new desk? As if she has been waiting for it. <3

  4. I love it, that Sara comes home to draw, I have many happy memories because of drawing, and I hope she will have them too. All looks beautiful, as always. And hey, Spring is coming soooooooon!! :D

  5. Bildene dine skildrer hverdagen så utrolig fint. Ser ut som en koselig søndagstradisjon, forresten! :)
    Et lite spørsmål - har fulgt bloggen din lenge, forstår at du er lærer? Lurer på om du trives og vil anbefale det videre? Vurderer studiet selv, skjønner du :)

  6. So great that Sara enjoys her room. It's a great house you have now!



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