Monday, 30 March 2015

life, week 13

I love the little things she makes in kindergarten. 

there is a lot going on in the garden these days // part of a photo an hour

Woke up to a little dusting of snow. Nothing compared to the massive snowfall the Oslo area suddenly got.

Norvegia cheese, for ever and ever

a much needed nap // hverdagslykke


Friday dinner // SO glad it's weekend and the start of the Easter vacation

She was so proud of her new hiding spot!

Pancakes for Saturday breakfast - on Sara's request.

Guess what! I'm working on another paper. But this is a small one and I will finish it today (Saturday). Yes, I will. (I did.)

a souvenir from his recent travel

They brought flowers and sweets, and now they are off with Sara on the balance bike so we can work - Sølve in the garden, me in the basement living room facing my last paper.

Easter vacation working // trying to make it as nice and productive as possible 

- - - 

Week 13: March 23-29

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