Monday, 23 March 2015

life, week 12

Painting made with a fork in kindergarten, and Elsa. Yes, that Elsa

Possibly the best way to start the week: leftover homemade sodd (a traditional meat and vegetables soup from the Trøndelag area) for dinner

Ice cream in the sun on the terrace - on Sara's request. I love that she loves being outside!

the parent-teacher conferences are on // one down, 21 to go

wednesday afternoon nephew playtime

Morning conversation with a three year old: "We have to get ready for kindergarten now, Sara." "No, I have the day off, because it's so foggy and we can't see."

solar eclipse at Randaberg // weather fail

The basement living room is ready for its first guests. So are the proud house owners.

The best kind of weekend brunch - including house guests.

And then we had this for breakfast dessert.

She had visitors and they played with everything, and then some.

An Easter chicken in the bathroom. Why not?! I love these kind of signs of her. 

weekend sun light

weekend working // tilpasset opplæring vs. spesialundervisning

So happy to see this furry friend again!

- - -

Week 12: March 16-22


  1. Congrats! Your new house is soooo lovely! I really wish you a very happy life in it, and thanks for sharing all your beautiful "bits of life" with your wonderful photos.

  2. Ha that pic of your daughter outside with the icecream is so cute!



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