Monday, 16 March 2015

life, week 11

Keeping it real: grilled ham and cheese sandwiches for dinner. Twice this week.

Preparing for my first history class. First theme: the American revolution

afternoon spring light in the bathroom

Fuel for the evening work.

playground art

No pouring rain required an afternoon visit to the neighbourhood playground/kindergarten.


idyll on the HSH campus

spring bling

the blue hour with fellow students at Stord

good morning, Stord // I had the alarm set for 8 am - bliss! But I woke up at 0655 am and couldn't sleep more. So typical! 

student life

idyll on the HSH campus, part two

The once-a-week-grocery-shopping-routine has started. So glad we did it together, because his bulk buying skills are so much more advanced than mine.

Such a shame to be working indoors in this gorgeous weather. But the best stress relief is to get the job done - no matter how the weather conditions are. Right?

We all love my mum's homemade bacalao - especially when accompanied by family visiting from the other side of the country. 

Sunday, before 8 am

Kudos to the church for providing entertainment for the three year old who found sitting still in her cousin's baptism a little challenging.

Bunad galore and big smiles in my nephew's baptism.

- - -

Week 11: March 9-15


  1. Beautiful post and pictures. Always love photos in a bunad :)))
    Greetings from cloudy austria!

  2. Hi Astrid! I love these posts, utterly impressed by the way you capture everyday things, light and moments. As a mom to be I'm wondering how to best capture and store memories of the first years of the little one. Did you make a dedicated photo book? with or without text? digital? any thoughts on the topic?



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