Sunday, 15 March 2015

life, week 10

en sånn mandag // Monday bleh

6 pm work view // still too much to do

100 % comfort // also: 5:30 pm brightness!

I love discovering the light in our new house.

She requested an afternoon bike ride in the sun. I happily obliged.

low ambitions Friday afternoon

(home) working weekend 

He made omelette for Sunday breakfast. "Delicious!" the three year old exclaimed (in English, not Norwegian).

Sunday morning rush our in the living room.

Signs of their morning

Maybe this story about the pacifier fairy will inspire her to put away the pacifiers?

grading student papers // luckily there are a few stars among the Wikipedia copy/paste ones

- - -

Week 10: March 2-8


  1. OMG I love how our lives are similar :) same problem here with the pacifier - how shall I get rid of it? I am considering the shock therapy: just let it be "lost" and never come back. But she is clever enough to know that we can buy a new one at the store...
    How do you cope with working weekends? Does your husband help out with Sarah? Is she good at playing by herself?
    I just spent last weekend working from home and I felt kind of guilty about it...

  2. I love your "life" posts, they are so comforting and cozy! Thanks for sharing! :-)

  3. My daughter gave out all of her pacifiers to Santa on Christmas Eve to give to new born babies who really needed them. she felt so sorry for them, it worked that day, she was 3!! She used to go to sleep with one in her mouth and 2 more tight in each hand :). Needless to say our second daughter doesn't know what a pacifier is, lesson learned :). Good luck! Maybe the Easter Bunny can take care of it, Christmas is so far away...

  4. I love the stairs in your new house. It's so beautiful! And the light in Norway is amazing!



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