Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Bringebaerdrops shots film

Why do you shoot film, Bringebaerdrops?

I shoot film because analogue was my first introduction to photography ages ago, back in middle school. I was fascinated by the whole process; the feeling to the fingertips while loading the film, the smell of fresh film, pushing down the button, the winding and later on the chemicals in the darkroom. I grew up in the 80's so analogue was the only way I shot for many years until I got my first digital camera, in 2005. To me, film photography is still the "original" way to take photographs, even though I mainly shoot digital nowadays. But you can never get the same kind of magic in digital photos, no matter how much you try. And with film I love all the happy accidents that occur. Like the time I bought my first Holga 120 in New York, put the wrong frame inside and the whole roll came out overlapping. Which I didn't notice until a month later, after I developed it. I love things like that, with film. The feeling that anything can happen.

You can see more of Bringebaerdrops' photos on her Flickr.

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