Saturday, 28 March 2015

a Saturday list

pancakes for breakfast - on Sara's request

- I have just finished another paper, in addition to the one I handed in yesterday (just a short - 600 words - report on my supervised field experience)
- I'm slowly starting to work on yet another paper - the last one I have to write before my oral exam - hallelujah!
- getting mentally prepared to finish said paper before taking some much needed days off at the mountain cabin - best stress relief: getting things done!
- thankful for living close to our parents and for all the help we get from them with Sara - could never done full time work plus part time studies without them!
- listening to the cozy sound of a crackling fire - even though it is spring, it is still cold enough to light the wood stove
- I made American pancakes with oats flour for breakfast - success!
- enjoyed said pancakes with raspberry jam from Steinstø - bought at the farmers market in Bergen - which I miss a lot
- I have just enjoyed a piece of guilty pleasure: toasted white bread with butter and cheese
- proud of Sølve who is working hard on preparing our garden for lawn seeding
- looking forward to homemade pizza for dinner

What have you done today?

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